About Us

Javier and Lindsay Clavere

Professional Music Artists

He has performed as a piano duo with his wife Lindsay since 1996. In honor of their wedding, composer Seymour Bernstein wrote “Rhapsody on Two Names – Javier and Lindsay,” premiered at their piano duo debut in the Assembly Hall Concert Series in Salt Lake City in 1997. They have performed extensively as a duo across North and South America. Most recently they performed at the Bösendorfer Hall – Mozarthaus in Vienna, Austria.

Education and Artistry

Commitment to Learning-Centered Education

Javier and Lindsay:

  • Piano Performance- as artists.
  • Pedagogy and Methodology- art of teaching.
  • Excellence- what we do.

Fan Support

Helping Listeners Find Their Voice

Dying for some new music, let us help you:

  • Find Concerts- We are we playing.
  • Play Your Favorites- What we are playing.
  • Follow the Latest Trends- Innovation.